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Posted on June 6, 2015 at 8:50 AM

You have been waiting for months for the “Big” day – your green card interview. You are overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions – excitement, anxiety, fear – all piled into one. You are praying to God that your nerves do not get the best of you. The immigration officer asks you a barrage of questions about your marriage and jots down notes. The immigration officer flips through your application maybe about ten times. In spite of your nerves, you thought your interview well. So towards the end you were pretty sure your green card would be approved on the spot. But he hands you a piece of paper that said your file is being held for further review.



Notice of Interview Results: “Your case is being held for review. At this time, USCIS does not require any further information or documents from you. Should further information or documents be required, you will receive a notice in the mail.”



Say what?!!!!!


What does this mean? Was my green card approved or denied?


The immigration officer responds to green card applicants like God answers prayers: “yes,” “no,” and “wait”.


A notice of interview results is not at all unusual.The green card interview can end in one of three ways: (1) approved with a temporary I-551 stamped in your passport, (2) application denied, or (3) your application is held for review.


Number three is the most confusing and frightening experience for the green card applicants and their families. Once the interview is completed, the officer may review the case and at times, may also review it with his/her supervisor. What normally happens, depending on the officer’s workload, he/she still has some security or background checks to conduct. The immigration officer will update the system to generate the approval notice and the green card. As a matter of policy, the immigration officer must give the applicant something and this notice of review is the routine to let the green card applicant know that their application is still pending. If any information is missing, the applicant will be notified and be provided with time to submit it. If all documentation is complete and there are no issues, then the green card applicant will be notified and receive his/her green card in the mail.


that we would be notified by mail of the decision, and we should wait 60 days before inquiring about the case status. He didn’t say anything else. We weren’t asked for any further evidence and the box for ‘background checks’ was not checked on the letter. The box that was checked just said: ‘your file is being held for further review before a decision can be made’.


Bottom line: Probably nothing to worry about.

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