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Posted on December 28, 2020 at 10:20 PM


The Law Office of Dahlia Castillo has an immediate opening for a part-time legal receptionist/Secretary in their Fayetteville Office. There is a potential of full-time employment in the future. Our primary areas are immigration, family law, and criminal defense.


Job Description

1. Sit at front desk, as well as on occasion in the office workroom/other offices, to assist clients

2. Answer phone calls in English and Spanish (being bilingual in written and spoken Spanish is required)

3. Assist with appointment booking and call/contact people to confirm their appointments

4. Send consultation appointment reminders of confirmed appointments. After a consultation has started, help by making photocopies of documents for the attorney; booking return appointments; and talking to prospective clients to see how their experience was or if they need anything

5. Ensure phone calls are directed accordingly and take detailed phone messages

6. Greet guests and clients of the office at reception in a professional, friendly, and hospitable manner

7. Provide customer service of the highest quality; be patient with immigrant clients and their family members

8. Type memos, correspondence, letters to clients as needed. Must be able to write a basic business letter in English and Spanish

9. Update case management system if needed, with very accurate recounts of client conversations or information

10. Prepare letters for office guests who need a letter to their boss or school confirming that their absence was necessary for a legal meeting.

11. Listen very carefully to attorney, office manager and legal assistant to be able to pass on responses and messages to callers and clients

12. Make tea or coffee for staff or guests (or both); offer water or coffee or tea to every visitor; put water at conference room table for all consultation guests; also clean up conference room/meeting rooms and recycle cups/put away items after meetings are done

13. Translate documents from clients

14. Take inventory of supplies for office manager

The candidate MUST:

- Both write and speak English and Spanish fluently

- Know how to work with computers (especially with Microsoft Office programs)

- Be willing to work overtime (will be compensated appropriately)

- Perform light office cleaning and organization, daily, such as checking lobby/waiting room for cleaning needs; wiping down both sides of office glass door; wife down both sides of front door; wipe down all office desks; disinfect all phones with sanitizing wipes daily; disinfect laptops for whole office, daily; take out trash and replace can liners; disinfect door handles; keep Keurig machine filled with clean water

- Have good communication skills, both written and spoken

- Be able to arrive on time for work and remain for the entirety of their shift (unless previous arrangements have been made)

- Talk to traumatized, frustrated incoming callers (the majority of whom are foreign nationals), with kindness but appropriate boundaries, and assist them with directing their query accordingly. For callers who need a referral to a different lawyer or agency, provide referral as directed by attorney or management


Work hours and Salary:

Monday and Friday, 12:00 PM to 5 PM.

Tuesday to Thursday: 10:00 PM to 5 PM. with 30 minute unpaid lunch


Pay rate: $12/hour. Any overtime will be paid accordingly, with opportunities for a raise to come in the following months.


We are excited to offer this job opportunity. To apply, please send the following to and with the subject line reading "LODC RECEPTIONIST FEBRUARY 2021"


1. Resume

2. Detailed cover letter explaining why you feel this job might be a good fit for you, and which skills you have to apply to the task

3. Writing sample in English and Spanish (for example, please write in English and Spanish, no more than 1000 words, as to why you would like to work with helping immigrants). At the end of each writing sample, please note the word count (i.e. exact number of words) as calculated by MSWord or other software program.

4. Three references that can verify prior work experience (reference list should include contact information)


We require at least 1 year of full or part-time experience as a receptionist, Secretary or having worked in another professional office such as a doctor’s office, for this position.

COVID-19 Precaution(s):


• Personal protective equipment provided or required


• Plastic shield at workstations


• Temperature screenings


• Social distancing guidelines in place


• Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place


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